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Édit’haut : To the skies

Joy! This Spring Zephyr took to the skies.

It was un unforgettable moment. Our fat baby – 55m and 900kg – took off from Le Pouget, in the South of France, and landed 9 hours later near Limoges, in the center of the country. A fantastic experience, this flight was rich with technical lessons. The motivation of the team is sky high, ready for what’s coming up!

Indeed the agenda of the coming months is packed: public displays on June 9 and 10 in Paris, then in August in the Roman Amphitheater of Nîmes; and flight tests in between, ever higher, ever brighter. And you can be part of it: help your company conquer new heights by partnering with Zephyr!


Looking back at Zephyr’s first flight

The weeks leading to the first flight have been quite intense: unfriendly weather, 1000m3 of lifting gas delivered by a heavy-duty truck to a field more suited for tractors, part of the balloon transported overnight from the other end of France… a permit-to-fly to be obtained, the various partners to coordinate, Air Traffic Control to be informed… not to mention a mid-air rendez-vous with a small airplane for photo-shooting! Culminating with the flight on d-day : you can live the highlights of this very long day on our website here.

If you are in a rush, watch this cool video broadcast on Euronews. Spoiler: the flight delicately ended in a grass field… fenced by a tall hawthorn hedge, with barbwire hidden within! Not a match for our tougher-than-it-looks balloon (💪).

Save the date: June 9 and 10 in La Cité des Sciences, Paris

On June 9 and 10, the Zephyr team will be present Porte de la Villette to celebrate Adventure and meet the public. And because we think big, we’re bringing our balloon along! Elegant and discreet, the bottom part of the balloon, already culminating at 25 meters, will be inflated in the exposition hall. Need a bit of advertising? Part of the 300 m² of the balloon surface is still available to display your image!

Details about the event here

Colombe, Matthieu and Thibault

The Zephyr family is growing: three interns joined us lately.

They are beautiful. They are strong. They are motivated. They are between 1,55 and 2m tall (quite handy, that!). But where do they come from?

Colombe is finishing her Bachelor in Communication at ISPCA (l’Institut Supérieur des Médias de Paris). She may be the one behind that picture or that post on the social networks 😎

Matthieu and Thibault are students at ESTACA, this well-known engineering school that so regularly provides talents to Zephyr. They specialize in aircraft architecture. Their internship at Zephyr in sunny Southern France is one big step towards their Engineering degree.

All of them were instrumental in the technical and media success of our test flight in April. Right now they are preparing the next flights, scheduled for this summer : congratulations and many thanks to them!

La suite… avec votre entreprise (😇)


What’s coming up is savvy: public displays in the heart of Paris and in the historical landmark of the Amphitheater of Nîmes, more flights reaching higher altitudes… a mix of tradition and innovation, appealing to all ages and cultures.

But these are only steps towards our grand ambition: the endurance record flight, which could almost – almost! – take place at the end of this summer. There’s just one brick missing: a financial brick.

And now you think: what are a few euros, when in exchange you get a true human adventure, inspired by Jules Verne and Peter Pan – except this one is for real? When you get to be part of Aviation history, aboard a zero-pollution balloon that leaves no footprint in the atmosphere, except the image of your company on camera roll, thanks to 1500m² of billboard space, filmed by drone even above the North pole? When you are associated with this journey above 3 continents – Europe, Arctic, America – filmed by Gédéon Programmes (the team that covered Solar Impulse!) and already making the headlines: Euronews, Midi-Libre, Sud-Radio, DétoursCanalplus …

“My company partner of Zephyr? A fantastic idea!”. The only thing left to do is copy-paste the text above and email it to your boss! Don’t forget to add the enclosed brochure and matrix to make our offer very clear: there is room for every budget. It is even possible to make it a tax-reducing donation, thanks to our status and our partnership with a NGO. What else?

Partnership Brochure
Partner Fee Schedule

Zephyr competitors finally unmasked!

Matthieu and Roman in the middle of a technological watch session. On the image we see the most significant actors in the aerostat sector. Do you have information about them? We are very interested, let us know !
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