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What is Zephyr Endless Flight?

Zephyr Endless Flight is a brand new kind of balloon: the first manned aircraft designed to fly continuously. By exclusively using solar energy, Zephyr Endless Flight leaves no trace in the atmosphere and opens the way for new data collection in many scientific fields. Zephyr Endless Flight is set to break. Carried by winds, two pilots will fly nonstop for 30 days in an extraordinary human adventure.

With its partners, Zephyr Endless Flight is also preparing the future with totally new journeys: flying at 25km in the stratosphere, at the edge of space!

A human adventure and an iconic record.

Tens of thousands of kilometres over continents, sea ice and oceans; altitudes between 100 and 8000 meters, temperatures as low as -58°F. 30 days and 30 nights during which the two pilots will take turns to continuously handle the flight under any circumstances.
Throughout this unique challenge, each decision will be the result of close collaboration between the ground crew, the weather and Air Traffic Control. Nothing will be left to chance in attaining a major goal: the longest ever manned flight.

30 jours et 30 nuits de vol
De 0 à 8000m d’altitude
Discover the adventure

A major breakthrough opening the path to unprecedented scientific data.

Innovation rules this challenge. We developed Zephyr Endless Flight by taking a fresh look at the balloon concept.
The aircraft can evolve unlimitedly without leaving any footprint and its unique flight profile makes hitherto unattained measurements accessible. The flight will be made in collaboration with atmosphere specialists, climate experts, along with doctors and equipment manufacturers interested in achievable tests during the flight.


Fly with us !

Zephyr Endless Flight is an associative adventure open to everybody: aviation enthusiasts, sustainable development actors, students, everyone can follow the adventure through the means set up and get involved in the challenge.

By following us on social networks, becoming a member of the association or a project partner, you can take part to the preparation and be immersed in the heart of the expedition.

Welcome on board !

Zéphyr Exalto full presentation at Paris Air Show 2017