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Throughout the expedition the GPS position and altitude will be available continuously, but we want to go further and enable you to live the expedition as if you were part of it. Everything is designed to make you feel as though you are by our side.

Thanks to the cameras located under the gondola and the optimised satellite links, the incredible sights offered by the route can be watched with one click: Tens of thousands kilometres of 360° landscapes over towns, mountains, oceans and icefields.
A drone will fly from the gondola to take unique images of the aerostat in its environment and its different configurations. Every day the pilots will shoot a video in order to immerse you in the life of the balloon and the events of the flight. Welcome aboard!

With the media

Zephyr Endless Flight is an aircraft with an outstanding visual impact. The entire flight chain is 55m high and offers an advertising surface of more than 300 square metres. Throughout the journey, the balloon, subject to ATC clearance, can make low altitude passes over specific towns.

TV channels will follow the challenge, a production company is preparing a film and a publishing company is starting a book: the visibility of the adventure is assured

With you from now on…

Zephyr Endless Flight needs you to take flight: we are a charity (‘’loi de 1901″) with scientific, environmental and educational aims in which we would love for you to be involved. Your donations will help us greatly; in France they are entitled to a tax reduction.
Moreover we enjoy helping people to discover aerostation, its techniques and its  history. Feel free to contact us to build an educational partnership and organise conferences or any other activities.

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…and thanks to our partners!

Founded in 1961, the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) is the government agency responsible for shaping and implementing France’s space policy in Europe.
Zephyr Endless Flight’s technology derives partly from technologies that CNES developed for its stratospheric balloons. CNES technical experts support Zephyr Endless Flight to define and improve this one-of-a-kind balloon system.

The European Space Agency set up its Business Innovation Center in order to support start-ups that propose innovations making use of space technologies in the civil sector.

ESA BIC supports Zephyr Endless Flight in 3 ways: it brings technical advice, supports financially, and helps with business development.

As an expert in industrial risk management for more than 20 years, Star Engineering (AIS Group) provides Zephyr Endless Flight with its expertise and experience in Safety and Certification Engineering acquired during the execution of various projects for industrials from Aeronautics, space, defense and railways

SYSOCO is the French leader in the integration of professional radio networks. Its catalog includes a range of products, solutions, applications and services in the field of “Wireless”. SYSOCO solutions contribute to the safety of our communities, facilitate the management of transport and optimize the management of drinking water, and sanitation.

SYSOCO will supply the radio communicatio means, such as handheld VHF / UHF radiosets, as well as satellite communication, all of which are mandatory for the organisation and safety of Zephyr Endless Flight.

ENM (Ecole Nationale de la Météorologie) is the training organisation of Météo-France. ENM trains engineers, technicians and military personnel in the fields of atmosphere and ocean sciences.

ENM will help us with regards to weather forecast: both before the flight, in order to choose the best take-off window, and during the flight, helping the pilots make the appropriate routing decisions.

Elistair designs and manufactures industrial tethered drone systems. These patented innovative solutions open a new field of applications for drones, today limited by their autonomy and by the reliability of communications (interferences, disturbances, signal loss).

Elistair will provide Zephyr Endless Flight with a drone that is perfectly suited to the operational constraints aboard our balloon.

Many thanks to them for their decisive support!