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The standard balloon is limited…

In order to regulate the altitude the pilot of a traditional balloon dumps down sand. When the stock of sand has been exhausted the pilot is obliged to land. The balloon’s autonomy is limited by the  quantity of sand it can carry.

… and Zephyr Endless Flight pushes the limits

Zephyr Endless Flight has no such limitation and is able to regulate its altitude without making use of ballast. Taking advantage of radical technical changes, the balloon exclusively uses solar energy and can fly without any fuel or any imposed time limit.

The gondola, a real base of life

An 8m2 space where everything is provided for: rest, food, oxygen, insulation against the sun and the cold and even… sport with an exercise bike which is essential to keep fit and can even produce electricity.
A wide range of emergency equipment is stocked on board, enabling the pilots to cope with every perceivable circumstance. Specific procedures have been established with assistance services and air telemedicine can be contacted round the clock by satellite.

An educational challenge

Solar Zephyr Endless Flight is a fantastic tool for understanding the atmosphere and physical sciences.
The balloon has proved to be fascinating researchers and young people alike. Sharing the challenge with as many people as possible is right at the heart of our project.
Our team is working in partnership with secondary and higher education schools and with educational associations for children in Africa and India.

Serving the Science

Moving without limits in the layers of the atmosphere enables the creation of new scientific data.
Thanks to the 30m2 solar panels, large amounts of electrical energy can be produced which allows for the installation of many different captors: temperature, humidity, wind in 3D, carbon dioxide, ozone, aerosol, noble gases… This enables new measurements useful in calibrating existing atmospheric models.

The flight not only interests specialists in atmosphere and climate but also physicists and aeronautical professionals. It’s a real flying laboratory open to many other applications.

The environmental commitment

Zephyr Endless Flight is designed to adapt to its environment and moves without disturbing it.
It is this principle of cooperation with the elements which enables Zephyr Endless Flight to go further.
Beyond a basic respect for the environment, in-depth knowledge and the capacity of human beings to adapt to their surroundings are imprinted in the genes of Zephyr Endless Flight.
This project requires efforts of awareness, flexibility and reactivity. These are the dynamics essential to truly sustainable projects.